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August 27, 2017



The bottom line is that tennants need basic protections .
Maybe this program should also create a bad tenant list for the landlords

Charles Joseph Manning

This article is a joke... Instead of cherry picking quotes and running a good landlords name through the mud, why not include some of the quotes from Hagan on social media where she dodged answering legitimate questions and instead likened America to a monarchy and told people who don't like their rules to go live on their own island somewhere. There is no need for another way in for government to make money on the backs of the poor here. People can already look up who is registered as an owner of a building... for free! Tenants can report code violations at anytime, even if they aren't sure someone will investigate and educate. If they are really all about citizen rights and safety... they'd take a step back and empower the people with this information and additionally help let people know when to see their magistrate and when and how to properly withold rent... but no... it's easier for crappy politicians to create more laws and registries on top of existing ones and drive up costs and say it's for the good of the people when it's just another idiotic revenue stream

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